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Jordan A. Fanney, Esq.
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My Story

Virginia Beach Roots

I grew up at the North End of the Oceanfront in Virginia Beach, Virginia and attended Frank W. Cox High School. My family has lived in Hampton Roads, Virginia for over a hundred years. I have a deep connection to the area.


I graduated from Wofford College with a degree in psychology. I considered obtaining further education in psychology but decided to return home to Virginia Beach to pursue other career options. I worked briefly for a local law firm as a title examiner and real estate closing agent, but realized I wanted to help people navigate the legal aspects of difficult family situations. I obtained my law degree from the University of Richmond School of Law.

Beginning My Family Law Practice

I was admitted to the Virginia State Bar (VSB) in 2011. I handled my first divorce case that year, which involved a jurisdictional custody dispute between parents living in Virginia and California. Not long after, I received a certification as a guardian ad litem for minor children and for incapacitated adults in guardianship and conservatorship cases. I served as a guardian ad litem for minor children for over a decade. I am an active member of the VSB family law section. Since beginning my legal practice, I have handled virtually every type of family law case, including appeals to the Court of Appeals of Virginia.

Joining Poole Brooke Plumlee PC

I joined the law firm of Poole Brooke Plumlee PC in 2023 to start a new family law department at the firm. Joining Poole Brooke Plumlee PC has given me the opportunity to provide improved service and representation for my family law clients. Divorce cases often involve collaboration among several different professionals. At Poole Brooke Plumlee PC, I work closely with a tax attorney, an estate planning attorney, and a dedicated litigation department to provide this collaboration in-house.

Outside of Practice

I live in Norfolk, Virginia with my wife and two children. I enjoy racquet sports, having grown up playing tennis at the Princess Anne Country Club and at competitions across Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic region since a young age. When I am not busy with family law cases, you can find me on the squash court, working out at the gym at the Norfolk Yacht and Country Club, or spending time with my family.

My Reviews

Truly Cares About His Clients

I had found myself in need of immediate help concerning the custody and safety of my two young children. Mr. Fanney helped me to obtain an emergency hearing. He moved very quickly with ensuring that safety measures were set in place for my children as quickly as possible. With his help, an agreement was able to be made. My children are safer and my mind is more at ease. Throughout the entire custody case and after he always provided me with professional, quick and clear communication. Mr. Fanney is an ethical, honest and knowledgeable lawyer. I would absolutely recommend putting your trust in Mr. Fanney. I hope I never need representation again, but if I do, I will retain Mr. Fanney’s services again.

Barbara P. – 5/5 on Avvo

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I personally would not wish domestic violence, divorce, or restraining orders on anyone, however if you’re in a position that you’re facing that requires legal assistance, you better hope you have Jordan Fanney in your corner. From the moment my family was in need, Jordan stepped in and put together a plan that not only represented our case, but he also fought to make sure our voice and facts were represented. He answered our calls and emails the same day which never happens. He was kind, patient, understanding and brought ideas to the discussions. He was able to separate our emotions and passions to help us understand where the law applies to our case. I was completely satisfied with his representation, highly recommend, and thankful he’s available to our family.

Harry H. – 5/5 on Google Reviews

Jordan Fanney is fantastic! He helped me with an aggressive divorce a few years ago, and then a recent child custody matter. He handled both cases wonderful! Jordan is very knowledgeable and responsive. Jordan was also fantastic at helping keep me calm during such uncertain and difficult times. I would recommend Jordan to absolutely anybody!”

Jennifer E. – 5/5 on Google Reviews

If I had to choose three words to describe Jordan Fanney and his practice they would be honest, hardworking and empathetic. Before I found Jordan, my case had been an absolute nightmare. He addressed all of my concerns, quickly turned things around and gave me full confidence that my case would be resolved. He is attentive to detail, incredibly efficient, and truly listened to the details of my case and my experiences. I am so grateful for his work and would recommend Jordan to absolutely anyone!

Anna S. – 5/5 on Google Reviews

Jordan Fanney showed all patience with us, became available at the last minute to represent a 2nd case, had what it took to let us walk out of court with exactly what we wanted. He and the staff were awesome to work with and if we need his service again, we’ll be using him and will be referring him to anyone.

Kristen H. – 5/5 on Google Reviews

Why I Started This Site

I started this site to provide information about myself and family law resources for my clients, lawyers, and the general public. To learn more information about my law firm, please see the Poole Brooke Plumlee PC website. For articles about Virginia family law, please see the Fanney Family Law Blog. If there is a family law topic you would like to know more about, please send me a comment through my contact page.

My Approach to Divorce and Family Law Cases

I take a thorough individualized approach to my divorce and family law cases. Each case is unique and deserves a specialized plan. My consults are in depth and preferably in person. After a client hires, I write a detailed memo that provides a roadmap for the case that takes into account the facts we have discussed, the reasonable goals we have set, and the strategy and actions we need to take as a team to achieve those goals. I facilitate frequent communication and sharing of information so that my clients know what is going on in their cases at all times. My litigation approach is aggressive, but I maintain a courteous attitude toward my peers and the Court.

My Family Law Practice Areas

  • Adoption
  • Agreements
    • Cohabitation Agreements
    • Prenuptial Agreements
    • Postnuptial Agreements
    • Separation Agreements
  • Child Custody and Visitation
  • Divorce
    • Uncontested Divorce
    • Contested Divorce
    • High Asset Divorce
    • Military Divorce
    • Business Owner Divorce
  • Domestic Violence Restraining Orders (Protective Orders)
  • Guardianship and Conservatorships
  • Name Changes
  • Show Cause/ Enforcement Cases
  • Support
    • Child Support and Spousal Support

Areas I Serve

I serve all of Hampton Roads, Virginia and beyond including:

  • Virginia Beach
  • Chesapeake
  • Suffolk
  • Norfolk
  • Portsmouth
  • Hampton
  • Newport News

My Profiles

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Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce and Family Law

How long do you have to live separate before you can file for a no-fault divorce in Virginia?

Generally, you have to live separate for one year before filing for divorce. The period is shortened to six months if (1) there are no minor children, and (2) you have a signed separation agreement that covers all issues related to the marriage, including the division of your property and debts, and the payment or waiver of spousal support. For more information on the divorce process in Virginia, see A Five Step Guide to the Divorce Process in Virginia.

Who is the best divorce attorney in Virginia Beach?

There is no best divorce lawyer in Virginia Beach for everyone. The best attorney for someone worth millions of dollars may not be the best attorney for someone with minimal assets. A higher price tag often comes with more experience and specialized knowledge. For tips on how to choose the best divorce attorney in Virginia Beach for your needs and circumstances, see How to Choose the Best Divorce Attorney For You.

Can you go through a separation without separating households?

Yes. Separation in Virginia means separated from married life. You can qualify for a separation while living in the same home if you live like non-romantic roommates. To do so, you should do as many of the following as possible.

  1. Separate bedrooms and do not have sexual relations.
  2. Separate bank accounts and finances.
  3. Stop doing each other’s laundry and refrain from cleaning up for one another.
  4. Refrain from gift exchanges and celebrating special occasions together
  5. Stop going out together for social functions, church, vacations, etc.
  6. Tell family, friends, and the public that you are separated.
  7. Take off your wedding ring.
  8. Don’t buy groceries or cook for each other.
  9. Contact with one another should be limited to co-parenting of your children
  10. Stop going to social functions, family outings, and vacations together.  
  11. Limit contact with one another, except to facilitate the co-parenting of their children.

How does adultery affect a Virginia divorce case?

If your spouse committed adultery, there are at least four potential effects:

  1. You can file for divorce immediately without going through a separation period. But note this does not mean you will get divorced right away. It could still take a year or more to get divorced.
  2. You can prevent your spouse from getting permanent spousal support unless he or she would be destitute without support.
  3. You can argue for a greater award of marital property and/or less obligation to pay marital debts if the adultery led to the breakdown of the marriage. The Judge will look at 10 other factors when deciding equitable distribution of marital property, so there is no guarantee that adultery will have a significant effect on the division.
  4. You can argue for an award of attorney’s fees. If you prove adultery, the judge can consider this along with other factors to decide whether your spouse has to pay a portion of your attorney’s fees.